Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Tom Peters... when doing good enough - isn't

tompeters! management consulting leadership training development project management: "We have just agreed on these 12 rules for how we operate in Tom Peters Company UK. What would your 'teamship' rules be?

1. Respond to all requests.
2. Address issues quickly—don't let them fester!
3. Think 'who else should know this?'
4. Always tell the neighbours before you have the party!
5. No passengers.
6. 'Tell me if I'm talking a load of old cobblers.'
7. Share learning and feelings—positive or otherwise.
8. Show appreciation of others' efforts.
9. Take ownership! When something goes wrong, think, 'What can I do?'
10. Ask for help—don't suffer in silence.
11. Show up at team gatherings.
12. Celebrate success seriously!"

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