Friday, October 21, 2005

New Product Coming...

It has been a very hectic couple of weeks for me. I have been working on a business plan and presentation for a client in CA (and if that project comes to fruition, Daniel and I will be involoved in a huge undertaking... exciting) and developing a new product for photogs and illustrators. In between, I am creating print ads for ACE4VB, Dr Ciresi and myself, shooting for a local magazine, scanning old images from my father and... whew. Not complaining, though. I love to be busy.

Coming soon is the exciting new product for photographers. We know that there are many photographers who don't want to write anything. They don't want to do a "news" column, or update their home page... They just don't want to do it. We know how important it is to do those things for Google, but we cannot force people to do things they have a total aversion to.

Enter our newest product: webfolio by Total Control Site.

Simple, concise and devoted to totally showing images... big images. We still provide the TCS tools for managing the pages, page names, meta content and keywords, layout and more... but in a very simple format that makes it more a web portfolio than a web 'site'. There will be home, client, about and contact pages and the rest of it is images... did I tell you they would be big images? They will be.

We are finishing up the beta1 now, and we should have the sites ready for market by November 1. Oh, and they are quite affordable, with kick-ass designs and very easy site management tools. If you are interested in seeing it right away, let me know and I will let you get a peek.

Off to LA later today, so blogging will be very light, unless I can duck into an iCafe in LA. I am going over with my friend Barry to look at merchandise for his new venture... fun!

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