Monday, May 14, 2007

I am not all a 'twitter'

It seems to me that with all the distractions one has these days, adding a messaging system that updates every few seconds with short messages of personal indulgences: "I have to run to get my laundry," "Someone's at the door," I love Jordin," - well you get the idea. I don't get it. But that is just me. Now we have marketers looking at it as a, uh, tool for reaching markets. So now the messages will contain juicy tidbits like "Save 20% at Verizon," "Meet us today at IHOP for a very special price on pancakes." Sheesh.

Maybe I will get it someday, but for now, I pass. Read this if you are not sure about what Twitter is.
iMedia Connection: What Twitter Means for Marketers: "Some of you may share the healthy dose of skepticism this space inspires, so I'll try to share what's got me all atwitter with this new platform and why I think it's a game changer for marketers/communicators. I'll break it down by taking a quick look at how it's defined, what people are saying, what the digital marketing implications are and what innovative applications are already in use, and I'll wrap up with some of my picks of people to watch in the Twitterverse."

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