Saturday, May 12, 2007

New Site Launched for Strength Doc

John Tuitele is a personal trainer with an absolute grasp on entrepreneurship. He understands a market and is going after it with a determination we could all learn from. I built his site with some interesting little twists.

John needed to be able to update the content, classes, schedules etc... so we built the site for Contribute management. Instead of creating a nightmare "photo gallery" that would require him to do a lot of work, we linked to his Flickr gallery (more ranking points). He wants to keep his site fresh, but doesn't want the site to take up too much of his time. We found a great little site that lets his Blog posts appear on the home page of his site, and now he has actively dynamic content. (Unfortunately, Google wont see it as it is a script, but John is making additional text additions / modifications on a bi-weekly schedule. That should work fine.)

The site is keyworded, quick loading and modern. Thanks for the opportunity to work on "" for you, John. Now about my biceps... hey - you quit laughing right now....

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