Tuesday, May 15, 2007


I mean RARELY do I ever bother with negative reviews and such. I just don't like doing it. However, I was doing some research for a client of mine and I came upon what I thought would be a good resource. "Selling Art on the Internet" was the name of the book, so I went to Amazon and found that it was no longer in print. So I jump over to Google to find some more information on the author and find this site.

The site is abysmally bad, but the art is very, very good. I wonder what is going on here? There is a book offered for sale, but absolutely no way to buy it. I nosed around and found a page that had about a dozen CD's of images for sale. Each had its own page and description... but no way to purchase them.

I guess it isn't a big deal, but this site is run by someone who wrote a book on selling art on the internet. I was a little shocked.

If the author sees this post and has comments, or if I inadvertently entered an old site, or was somewhere on a dead site that got held over by Google... please let me know and I will amend this post. It is not meant as a personal attack... I am simply confused by what I saw.

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