Monday, May 14, 2007

This Blog could help

Personal branding is a very important part of what we all do. This is a blog devoted to helping you do that. It looks interesting and should be on your daily check out list. I added it to my Netvibes and will be coming back later to read the archives.
On Neil’s Success - What I’ve observed from the sidelines: "Always have something to offer others
Neil makes it a point to always have something of value to offer other people. Whether it’s advice on how to reach the Digg homepage or some quick SEO tips for your blog, the point is that Neil always has something valuable to offer to others.

Give before you expect to receive
Neil will never let anyone do a favor for him or anything unless he has done something for that person first. He will even go as far as doing a few favors for that person before he lets them do one for him. Neil has done favors for some of the biggest rock stars on the web; people like Guy Kawasaki and Michael Arrington. These are very powerful people and have the ability to call a favor into when you need it."

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