Thursday, May 03, 2007

This is happening too much... everywhere

It is terribly sad when restrictions become so linear that they cross into an area that removes taste, context and common sense. Such it is at so many public schools where kids are kicked out because mommy put a plastic knife for the peanut butter in her lunchbox.

Your Dojc is a fantastic shooter whom I have followed for many years. His participation on Flickr was one of the reasons I got so excited about it. Now we have this:
This is text from Flickr morality police:
Hello yuridojc,

We wanted to let you know that your account status has been
changed to "restricted". As per our Community Guidelines,
frontal nudity is inappropriate for "safe" areas of Flickr.

So There is not point to be here anymore for me.
Good by my friends and we may see each other on more liberal sites. Flickr was fun , but no more. Enjoy flowers and dogs.
So Flickr loses an avid advocate and a shooter who was really a fantastic asset. But, now that we have to be protected... you know, from words, from DJ "hate", from inappropriate news anchors, from books that may challenge, from the evils of thought, and now... pitchers of nekkid ladies.

I feel so safe now. Empty, but, you know, safe.

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