Monday, June 04, 2007


Sorry for another off topic post, but I really loathe lawyers and the irony here is all too pungent. I have daughters and cannot imagine defending a rapist... I just can't. I sincerely hope all is well with his daughter and that she remains safe, very much unlike how he feels about anybody else's daughters.
Feministing: "In other words, it's his daughter, and of course he's doing all he can to ensure she's safe now that her photo is plastered all over the internet in a sexual context. But he seemed to not only lack concern but to show outright disdain for the woman who was sexually assaulted by a traffic cop and for the girl who was gang-raped. From his previous comments, he seems to desire a world in which reprehensible treatment of women (sexual assault, harassment, rape) is a-OK. But maybe, just maybe, his views will change now that he is forced to consider the fact that his own flesh and blood -- his wife, his sister, his mother, his daughter -- could be a victim of that violence."
Now back to the marketing fun.

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