Thursday, June 21, 2007

mySkitch: One for the Mac folks

OK... this looks like it could be very, VERY useful to us web designers, bloggers, photographers... hey, us visual folks. It is fast, clean and easy. Not a replacement for Photoshop... (That would be a hard act to follow), but definitely something to look at for sending visual info quickly and efficiently without looking for exported files and making sure they are JPG'd and on and on.

Mac folks first... Windows to follow soon, I am told.
mySkitch: "When you want to get images quickly and easily online, Skitch + mySkitch is the way to do it.
It's perfect for putting images in forums, your myspace page, eBay listings, group chats and
when you would generally like to have a collection of photos, snap, scribbles or screen captures
online to share with the world."

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