Thursday, June 14, 2007

A Site That Promotes Creative Business

The Unusual Business Ideas That Work blog is a place to check in every week. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, you will get a charge out of this site. Ideas that make you smile, people who didn't take no for an answer and a full cadre of stimulus for creating that niche site or idea that will make you rich, or possibly just make you more comfortable.

In the book "The 4 Hour Work Week", Tim Ferris refers to Muse Income as a method to create wealth. It is taking an idea. product, service or knowledge and monetizing it online to provide a steady income. Ebooks, pearls, cat litter... whatever. If it is a good idea, a niche that makes sense to a group of people, you may find that you can make a few hundred bucks a day with it. That's muse income.

Take some time to visit the UBITW blog and get those creative juices going. From a lady who makes a bundle selling tumbleweeds to a company that makes glowing clothing, to making money from singles without a dating scheme, you will be inspired. Below are three of my favorite posts.
Unusual Business Ideas That Work: 05/18/07: "George Davison started his first business in 6th grade. He would buy candy in bulk from a local merchant each morning and then sell it to the children at Shadyside Academy that day. Buying Charms lollipops for five cents and then selling them for 25 cents, he learned first hand how to buy and sell, as well as to create his first inventory system. As time passed, he found himself leading his fellow Kiskimenetas Spring School (prep) students as one of only a few students selected to run the dorms. He attended school six days a week in a coat and tie and held down his first major job managing his classmates."
Seems like so many people are making "bling" out of the simplest things. I am waiting for crystaled camera bags or flash-card holders... maybe a flash holder or small camera bag that looks upscale instead of that everpresent nylon.
If it's free, there's sure to be hype--but even the promotional products industry could use some pizzazz lately. Enter Andrew and Lee Sequeira, 41 and 44, respectively. Owners of an online spa and beauty boutique, this husband-and-wife team couldn't resist acquiring Sparkle Plenty Designs Inc., which specializes in Swarovski crystal-embellished T-shirts, in January 2006. Adding just enough "bling" helped them give an upscale look to the promotional tee industry.
Enjoy. And when you need a site to sell them on, try for the fastest, coolest website that YOU can build.


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