Friday, June 01, 2007

This is Something To Keep Your Eyes On

This is a must read folks. Whether you agree or not, it is very important to be aware of these trends. Well written, and very persuasive.
"So, when I hold up an HDV camera in front of an audience and say, "This is the future of photojournalism," it's not too hard to dismiss me as a lunatic. You can easily turn your nose up at HDV, pick up your 35mm and say "This is made specifically for stills and the other is for video. Since I shoot stills, video doesn't apply to me."

Unfortunately, not only does it apply to you, it could likely help us save an industry threatened by the overwhelming demand for rich online content. It could also save your job during rounds of massive layoffs spreading like a cancer through our newsrooms and it could become one of the greatest technological developments for our profession since the 35mm rangefinder slowly replaced large formats. The use of quality frame grabs from moderately priced high definition video cameras is a no-brainer in a world demanding rich multimedia content."

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