Saturday, June 09, 2007

Well, This Makes Sense

I linked to the Leonard Cohen Multimedia, so let's take some time and listen to the master. Most of these are very old... and that is what is cool about them... that timeless remembrance that makes us feel respectful of our own place in the journey.
Famous Blue Raincoat... so much imagery.


"The Stranger Song"

The amazingly touching "Suzanne"

And here is a setting of a Federico Garcia Lorca poem.

"Hallelujah." Yes, it predated Shrek by a few decades. This original rendition gives a much different feeling than the more recent ones.

Alright, Wainright does a fine job of it as well.

And we end with Tori Amos. A bookend effect, ya know.

Happy Sunday.

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Anonymous said...

It's great to see Leonard Cohen discovered by succeeding generations. Here's a favorite new bearer of the torch, Canada's Allison Crowe:

That's John Cale in there, btw, rather than Rufus Wainwright.