Saturday, June 23, 2007

Why I Love the Workshops

Judi by Steve
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This shot by Steve is just one of the fabulous images the workshop attendees did today. We started right out at 8:30am with the preliminary lighting discussion. At 9:30 Mia showed up (images coming soon of Mia.) She was just stunning and the photographers had a blast shooting headshots, body shots, glamour and more with her. We did softlight, beauty light, glamour headshot lighting and more. At 12:30 Judi came in and Mia started her journey back to Tucson.

Judi was wonderful to work with. Even though we headed in to Tempe for the location work in 111 degree weather, she was a trooper and worked hard. Wow, she brought it big time to the shoot. Everyone was thrilled with her exuberance and energy.

And this is the reason I love doing the workshops: I met 5 wonderful, talented photographers and two talented models who are all working hard, very hard, to increase their abilities. Raise their skill level. Be better than they were.

That's infectious. That is the kind of people I love spending a Saturday afternoon with. Strivers. People who work hard, achieve a goal. To Steve, Greg, Barb, Ray, Eddie, Mia and Judi... thanks for a wonderful workshop. You all made me proud to do what I do.

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