Sunday, July 22, 2007

Hey, We Don't Have to Spend No Money Wit You Neither

Jerks. Seth passes this interesting image along with his take on stupid marketers and marketing. So this Yogurt company doesn't like photographs huh? Well, since they are located in public they can just shout all they want. I will shoot the shot anytime I want, and I won't spend a nickel in their pathetic business. If you are a photographer, and like yogurt, I urge to find another source.

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Kevin Creighton said...

For several years, Fuddrucker's restaurants had a "No Photography" rule in their stores as well. Their ban sprang from a Tempe restauant, Doc's B.R. Others, and their attempts to mimic the interior design of Fuddruckers. They did it so closely that Fuddrucker's sued, claiming (and winning) that Doc's on the basis of "Concept Copyright".


Though is madness, it looks like there's some method in it...