Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Wow... now that is a great review!

It is finally out from underwraps. I have been working on this with several developers for 6 months. It started with a lunch where I expressed a desire to have a simple CMS for websites, one that I as a designer could simply 'paste in' and create pages. One of the developers there said that what I described couldn't be done and was quite sure that the requests that I had were only available for a huge budget. I stayed optimistic and expressed that there had to be a way using CSS and AJAX.

A month later I received a call very, very early in the morning. It was the developer speaking very quickly. It seems he had hit on a solution that he knew would work. I met him at the office and by noon had a working demo of a simple CMS tool. I have been working with several coders to get this to the point where it launches. During this time I was also reading Timothy Ferris's book "The 4 Hour Work Week." In it he refers to "Muse Income" - that money that can be made on the internet with little or no time expenditure. That was my desire: to create a tool that will empower anyone to create a place to make some "muse income." Thanks to Tim for that focus. (NOTE: this is not a substitute for the PHOTOtool. Photographers should take a look at the PHOTOtool with the new Free Folio site.)

This tool is for people who want an inexpensive site with the ability to develop pages and have complete control over the content, SEO, and even a complete store. Have a product, or are you an affiliate? This is the simplest and cleanest way to have a professional site. I am quite proud of it and it was given this glowing review at SEOAware.com. Thanks Melissa.
myMUSEsite.com review | Affordable Web Design | Templates |: "I spoke with the owners of myMUSEsite.com for a long time today. We discussed the ins and outs of their software and was able to login and play around with it. There is a lot to say about it and there are great benefits for everyone, as I will explain. This is my review of myMUSEsite.com…"

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