Friday, August 03, 2007

Borghetti: Photographers Site

I love the clean design here. Very photographic in presentation. Starts out with images... you have to click to the contact. Nice use of a freeware flash slideshow, and the muted colors let the images own the screen.

I wish he had some text for SE's though. He has absolutely no ranking in Google. His work should be seen, but no one will find it. Two small paragraphs below the image and in a slightly different shade would make all the difference. Even though he has keywords and such, the fact that they are not repeated on the page renders them useless.

Imagery is well done, clean and evocative. Nice use of light as a sculpting tool and as a sub-hero as well. I think his work is fresh and the presentation is muted and easy to navigate.

Great work, Mr. Borghetti.

UPDATE: Here is a link to the Pro version of Airtight Interactive's "Simpleviewer" - the flash tool used in Mr. Borghetti's site.

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Gringoman said...

This guys photo's Rock! It's just amazing. How do you get this good? His photoshop skills are not found in any books. I'd love to learn this stuff!