Tuesday, February 17, 2009

FREE Xerox Phaser 8560 Solid Ink Color Printer

When you are in the business of selling copies, give the printer away and charge for the copies. Brilliant. About time... now, where are your ideas on changing things up. Adding value. Or closing a line of thinking that was a barrier to begin with?
Go2 Free Color Printer : FREE Xerox Phaser 8560 Solid Ink Color Printer:
"Looking for the convenience of a true MFP with print, copy, scan and fax capabilities all in color? The free color printer MFP, Xerox Phaser 8860MFP color multifunction printer allows you to print, copy, scan, and fax with stunning color output. Match that with its ease-of-use, consistency, quality and reliability and you have the ideal MFP for medium-size workgroups with high-volume print demands. The Phaser 8860MFP is $0.12 for the first 2,500 color pages, then $0.08 each color page after the initial 2,500 pages."


Xerox 8560 ink said...

Can we all agree on one thing at least?? That this article is reallllly well developed! I write the word developed, not written. Simply because anybody can write stuff, but rather to develop an article takes research and knowledge about a product. This review is great and I for one take information from here and am Definitely going to apply it to my next purchase. You've supplied me with enough ammo to know exactly what I should be looking for in the market trend. Well, until then.. Ciao'!

Xerox 8560 ink said...

I love having a Phaser solid ink printer at my office. I think it is an 8560, but i am not entirely sure. My question is what kind of issues will we run into in the future when solid wax ink sticks print on top of the new Xerox erasable paper or disappearing paper. Im pretty sure it is a new paper instead of an ink type. I really like the Phaser printers and intend to buy one for my home, only if It will well with the erasable paper. Does anyone have more info on this nano-magic paper?