Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Top Tools To Use When Starting A Web Business

I use a lot of these, and found a few I didn't know about. If you are really serious about online marketing, business and growing some presence there, you must... MUST... check out this site.
Top Tools To Use When Starting A Web Business (Part 1):

"For those of you just reading for this site for the first time, take note that Web Business Freedom has been online since early September 2008. So it’s a mere babe in the woods compared to many sites. And right now, the site is primarily a blog used to share information as I establish an online presence and credibility (both for you, kind reader, as well as the soul-less bots from Google and other machines that creep and crawl through the site regularly, finding nothing of substance in a rambling sentence like this).

The point is, I’m not using any software for e-commerce or other really advanced activities (yet). Nevertheless, I’m using some smart stuff behind the scenes. Here is the first round of my must-have apps:"
Here is Part Two:
I’m going to dive right in and list more applications I use on a daily basis. I’m on a Mac, so Windows users please bear this in mind. I’ve tried to find some equivalents out there for you.

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