Friday, March 27, 2009

10 Awesome Ways to Integrate Twitter With Your Website - Nettuts+

This is a very good list of ways to integrate your twitter feed. I think it may become very useful to have a single, non social twitter account and use it to update one's site with nuggets of interest. Use the tool instead of the experience in some ways - keep the social as a social.
10 Awesome Ways to Integrate Twitter With Your Website - Nettuts+:

"Web developers with social media savvy are in hot demand. Imagine what it would be like to promise your clients a web presence that is fully integrated with their Twitter strategy and makes it easier for their content to go viral on Twitter. Would be nice, no? Well -- why imagine? The tools for web developers to add a touch of Twitter to any site are out there and easy to use. Trust us -- your clients will love you for it!

There's no better time to start utilizing Twitter integration tools than right now. Here are 10 of the most useful ways to start turning your site readers (or your client's customer base) into Twitter followers, and vice versa."

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