Friday, March 13, 2009

The Complete Guide to Creating Effective Square Banner Ads

Anywired is a great blog. Full of interesting content and well written articles. This one caught my eye because of how detailed it is. Bravo guys. BTW - when you visit, take a few minutes to look over the previous articles on making a 6-figure income.
Anywired » Blog Archive » The Complete Guide to Creating Effective Square Banner Ads:
"If you’re selling a product or service online one thing you might choose to do is advertise it. One increasingly popular form of advertising is the 125 x 125 pixel (or small square) banner ad, usually displayed in a grid formation in blog sidebars. Their compact dimensions make them perfectly suited to this format.

In almost every case, advertising in this manner will cost money. In return, you’ll be hoping to get click-throughs, exposure, name recognition–and ultimately, more sales. In this post I’ll be explaining what makes an effective banner ad, and some common pitfalls to avoid."

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