Monday, March 23, 2009

Garfield: 'Chaos Scenario' Has Arrived for Media, Marketing - Advertising Age - News

Well, this is an amazing article. Totally accurate, but at the same time there is a bit of pessimistic optimism. Yes, some of those magazines have failed... but some are doing well. I think there is definitely a problem with media, but they don't seem to think that their CONTENT has any hand in what is happening to them. Do you really think that the content and bias of the Seattle Post Intelligencer had NO HAND at all in the demise of that crapass newspaper?

If you look at the magazines that are doing well, or at least better than the failing ones and holding their own, the content is KING. They provide the information for their market with depth and objectivity. Niche's are doing well... general content are not.

I need a compelling reason to buy a newspaper, magazine or to watch a TV show. Without the compelling reason, it is a game of chance for the broadcaster. Sorry... I am more discerning. Gotta wow me. Gotta get me something more than same ol' same ol'.

Just be standing when the smoke clears. Be open to new ways of doing things. Be aware that the terra firma is shifting. MAKE things happen for you. Or sit and let things happen TO you.

Like the newspapers did.
Garfield: 'Chaos Scenario' Has Arrived for Media, Marketing - Advertising Age - News:
"This isn't about the end of commerce or the end of marketing or news or entertainment. All of the above are finding new expressions online, and in time will flourish thanks to the very digital revolution that is now ravaging them. The future is bright. But the present is apocalyptic. Any hope for a seamless transition -- or any transition at all -- from mass media and marketing to micro media and marketing are absurd.

The sky is falling, the frog in the pot has come to a boil and, oh yeah, we are, most of us, exquisitely, irretrievably fucked."

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