Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Photos From Mexico - GORP Project

This is some preliminary work for the upcoming Girls of Rocky Point Calendar that will be shot during the workshop in Mexico, late April. Take a look at Jim and Jerry's great work here. If you want to come along and be involved as an addition to the workshop, check it out at Learn to Light.
More Photos From Mexico This Weekend | The Girls of Rocky Point Mexico 2009-2010 Calendar:

"Well guys, I wanted to write a very long detailed post on all the things we did this weekend, including going to the docks at Malecone to see the yacht we’ll be shooting at, and all the different photo shoots we got to do with two of our contest winners, but if we wait for me to write THAT post, you’ll NEVER get to see any more pictures from this weekend. So how about I just post so more pictures for now, and we’ll leave all the rest for later? This blogging stuff is HARD! You know the reason I quit using Twitter was because I had a hard time coming up with 140 characters worth of relevant material, and now I have to BLOG??!!"

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