Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Really trying to get that "Flare" thing down.

Perhaps it's the glass. My lenses are older.

I see that super controlled flare effect and love it. I hope it all just isn't Photoshopped.


Jennifer said...

Don, first let me say I love your stuff, you rock and your blog makes me laugh! to get the amazing lens flair, all you have to do is, have the sun (or strobe) in front of you and to the side, and use a wide angle lens. that's it, try it again, You'll get it. Keep up the amazing work. Click my name below and you'll see one I did in studio. I hope that helps!

Don said...

Thanks Jennifer.

I didn't mean how to get just flare though, I mean how to get it to be smooth and somewhat unobtrusive the way that does it as well as Flare I got, but not that smooth, almost soft, flare that these two guys are getting.

Thanks for the comment... jogging over to see your image now.