Monday, March 30, 2009

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Yep. Things change. We can certainly all agree. The thing that I would add to this post is that it is kinda sad to see so many photographers uninterested in the history and rich traditions that gave them the freedom they now have. And because of that we see so much stuff touted as 'new' that quite frankly, well... isn't.
TWIPPHOTO.COM » Photographic Standards Always Change - TWIPPHOTO.COM: "Generationally, photography standards change. The new generation typically breaks away from the old trying to find its place. For example, to some people, good bokeh and the rule of thirds are less important these days than finding a person to photograph who happens to have lots of tattoos and nose rings.

New standards are gradually adopted by the emerging photographers and attitudes gradually change. Younger photographers seem much, much less concerned about the things I was taught to look for. And truth be told, I don’t enjoy looking at much of their work. We all have our bias, even in photography. It’s important to know and recognize your own bias. That said, I do think the change is okay, as long as it has a direction and purpose."

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