Thursday, April 16, 2009

It Takes Balls To Get An Interview At Crispin

Standing Out,
Personal Branding.
"Brand You."

A powerful, personal arsenal of marketing tools and methods are at our hands. Many of them are free or nearly free. It isn't about the tools, however, it is about the creativity needed to take the tools and make them work for you. To try to do something... well, else. Sure there are the annuals and the portfolio sites and the postcards and the yaddayadda....

But stand out. Be seen. Be heard. It is noisy out there. Make more noise than the guy next to you or you will become part of the white noise. And that is not a place to be when you have something to say.

Or... maybe you don't have something to say. Maybe you are actually white noise behind the orchestra soloists.

Does that make you feel uncomfortable? It should.
Please Feed The Animals › It Takes Balls To Get An Interview At Crispin:
"The next morning I got a response. While he declined the rap battle, he did ask what he could do for me. I sent him my work. Got a phone interview. And last week they flew me out. I did not get the gig (news I found out while writing this story). But I took something away that may be even more valuable than a job offer – I learned the importance of standing out.

To quote P.T. Barnum, “Without promotion something terrible happens—nothing.” As an unemployed creative, you need to promote yourself in ways you’ve never imagined. Because if you blindly send out your book and wait for the phone to ring, nothing is exactly what will happen."

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