Friday, April 24, 2009

Photo Attorney: Photographers Protest Rights-Grabbing Contracts

OK... protest the contracts.
But don't work for the company.

Bitch about the contracts.
But don't work for the company.

Sign letters of grievance.
But don't work for the company.

Blog about the bastards.
But don't sign them or work for the company.

Get all flustered and red in the face and slobbery-spittle-flying-pissed. Use foul and disgusting language that would drive a sailor to cover their ears. Shout and stamp your feet. Hold your breath and loudly sing "It's a Small World, Afterall" in the streets. Get arrested throwing pies in faces...

But. Don't sign them. And don't work for the company.
Photo Attorney: Photographers Protest Rights-Grabbing Contracts:
"The British Journal of Photography reports that one of Germany's largest publishing houses is requiring that photographers sign a contract that gives their copyrights to the company. You may sign the petition protesting the contracts."
Problem isn't with them asking for the contract - ask for whatever you can get, that's your right. The problem is that someone will sign them because they are in hard times or shooting is simply sooooo much fun or whatever.

The "enemy" is not them... it is those in our ranks that capitulate to this tyranny. Asswipes one and all.

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Kevin Camp Photography said...

You are correct on this Don. We get aggregious and wickedly one-sided contracts at my office all the time. We mark them up, redact wording we don't like, change them, whatever it takes to protect ourselves and our ability to make a profit on the job. That is how the game is played. They will come back with something not quite as bad and we do it all again until we as the product supplier, whom they must have, get what we need. If thy can get some other schmuck to sign off on some ridiculous contract then they won't be competitive with you for very long as the weak and stupid get eaten quickly.