Monday, April 13, 2009

A Photo Editor - Chris Buck Interview (Part 2)

This is a wonderful interview... you should go back and read part 1 as well.
A Photo Editor - Chris Buck Interview (Part 2):
"I don’t market as much as I should and to be honest I got to the point where the work I was creating on shoots assignments wasn’t holding together well enough enough as a group for a little booklet to send out. So, I started shooting from scratch for my promo pieces and I’ve been shooting three projects over the last two and a half years, two of which are ready now and I’ve got one that I’m going to shoot for another year or two. The two that are pretty much shot are ISN’T, a series of portraits of celebrity look-a-likes, and Chris Buck’s Chris Bucks, which are all portraits of other people with my name."

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