Wednesday, April 01, 2009

She's Pretty. She thinks kids should die. She's pretty.

Well, beautiful and brainy simply doesn't fit this hopeless, hapless fool. She thinks that a few more diseases should come along and kill a lot of kids so her stupidity can be invoked on the rest of us. Poor stupid girl.
Respectful Insolence: I really wish this were an April Fools' Day joke...:
"That's right. In Jenny's warped world, your children are acceptable collateral damage in the cause of promoting her unscientific belief that vaccines cause autism. Here's a hint for you, Jenny: We already do have vaccines that are safe, and neither you (nor the antivaccine loons) are changing. The government and pharmaceutical companies are listening to you far more than your idiotic pseudoscientific nonsense deserves and even though you are a scientific illiterate. Scientists are wasting millions of dollars studying over and over again the question of whether vaccines are associated with autism and keep finding the same answer: They aren't.

But it's never enough for you. No matter how many studies exonerate vaccines as a cause of autism, you don't believe them. You will never believe them no matter how many studies are done. In fact, I say you are lying when you say that 'if you give us a safe vaccine we'll use it.' The reason is that you have made it very clear that no vaccine will ever be safe enough for you. Regardless of how much evidence is presented, to you your Google University 'education' in the dark underbelly of antivaccinationist websites and blogs will always trump science.
Read it all and see if you can do it without laughing. I love titty models who think. Jenny, however, is just a bust on legs.


Anonymous said...

Most of these people have no real direction or purpose to their lives, thus they latch onto some fashionable cause celeb and use their TMZ pulpit to promote it. Unfortunately, millions of people out there think that because someone (in)famous says it, it must be the Truth. The other sad part of this equation is that public schools get extra money for every student that they have enrolled in their programs designed to help autistic and mentally handicapped students. My father works in one of these classes for a public school in Texas. Just about any student that acts up, won't behave or is a general pain in the ass is labelled as "autisitc" and gets shuffled off to Special Ed classes. The is a major disservice to the students that are handicapped and need the class.


Sam said...

The mistake she and her critics and you make:

they are throwing all vaccines into one bin, arguing "vaccines are safe" or "vaccines are unhealthy".

This is bullshit. Every vaccine is different. Some are good, some are useless, some are big money making schemes, some even might be dangerous.

Talking about 'vaccines' in general just will add to the fight, but will not make the diskussion any easier.

Don said...


I am not taking any position on Vaccines. You are most probably right. I was commenting on the airhead's lack of thinking skills and rational observation that it is fine with her if other people's kids die to prove her point.

I got no dog in the hunt. Think that both sides on the fringe are idiots. She just makes a big target cause she is a culebertee and therefor hapless - like shootin' fish in a barrel.

Sam said...

Don, you argument reads like you just attack her because she is an easy target.
Is this really what you wanted to write?

Don said...


The post was about how celebrities take up causes, open their mouths and say stupid things. You assumed I was talking about vaccines... Not taking sides on vaccines, making a point that this woman stated that kids dying would render her cause more power. Whatever the cause, I find it horrifying that someone would think that.

I am not posting about her cause, I am posting about her stupidity. The fact that her celebrity allows her access to say such stupid things is very sad... that was my point about fish in a barrel. THEY put her out there, as they do so many others who are incapable of critical thought, because she is a celebrity. Not because she has any credibility at all regarding vaccine research.

Sam said...

I don't watch TV and I don't read celeb talk, both for more than 20 years now, so thankfully I got no clue if or how stupid celebs are.

The article you linked to is just a collection of swearwords and personal attacks without any real content, so for me, it is just another good reason to avoid TV and celeb talk for the next 20 years, too ;)

Seems like someone convinced her about some cause, and she took it very seriously and personal to get this cause running.

And of course she is using for media attention because she is a celeb. If you had a cause, wouldn't you be happy to use celebs, too, to get attention of the masses?