Thursday, April 02, 2009

This always happens to companies who do really great work...

I just don't think the big ad agencies get it. I haven't seen any great work lately, but then... I ain't really looking. And I think that may be a big problem... lots of people like me aren't really lookin'... and that will be a challenge that all the media groups have to deal with.
As Work Goes in-House, Goodby SF Suffers - AgencySpy:
"Two major brands have announced they're pulling their marketing/advertising work in-house. Anheuser-Busch and Hyundai, both of which are in a better position than most to succeed in a recession, are doing less with their agencies. Goodby stands squarely in the middle of these moves, and has laid off a number of staffers.

As of last September, word on the street was the Korean businessmen inside Hyundai weren't keen on the 'Think About it' campaign. But then came along the recession and Hyundai Assurance (now Assurance Plus; Hyundai will make your car payments for 3 months if you lose your job) — and in 2009 the automaker is actually making money.

Then came word that Hyundai would pull their work in-house to Irvine Calif. based World Marketing Group (aka Innocean), which already does their work in Korea (and a new office is being built/staffed stateside). AdAge reported that they're having trouble filling the top spots. We're hearing differently though — a source inside Goodby tells us loads us creatives are chomping at the bit for the opportunity (um, as they should be — don't steal a (wo)man's baby). The only unknown here is what happens when an ECD is finally hired. Our guess — people start working."

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