Thursday, April 23, 2009

Writer writes and the Newspaper deletes it because, well, uh, because... hmm. Damn it, they just didn't like it and that means no one else reads it!

This. This is why the papers are failing. They have no ideals anymore. Just business people with a 'community activist' cult of thinking. They have no problem splaying out other peoples problems. They don't care if they destroy lives or businesses. Even if they are wrong, they rarely deal with that fact - putting the corrections down on page 23 in 3pt type.

Newspapers suck. This guy wrote a very nice, well written post about being laid off. And the 'bossmans' done took it down. Glad to read it here.

Hey Lou... you figured out yet that the news ain't what it is about anymore? Hope so. Good luck with your journey... wishing you well. Your paper, however, can disappear. No loss.

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Confessions of a Pop Culture Pilgrim » Blog Archive » The final ‘Recession Diaries’ blog the Chicago Tribune does not want you to read » A True/Slant Contributor:
"I am part of an industry-wide trend that will likely result in the death of print journalism within five years time. That is not what the higher-ups would like me to tell you, nor is it a result of anything wrong that they have done. On the contrary, I admire Sam Zell and all he has done to keep this company going. I have not always agreed with the new ownership’s decisions or rationale, but my opinions come from an uniformed perspective. I write for deadline; I do not know the intricacies of finance and balancing the books. (Perhaps my early dispatches on the recession front have proved this.)"

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