Friday, May 01, 2009

Ogalthorpe - A Seattle-based Location Portrait Photographer

Photograph by Ogalthorpe

Jeremy has a nice little post on thinking light before doing light. I call it "subject Centric" lighting, but Jeremy has his own term... Whatever term you use... think subject first... and how it should be lit to create that image you see so clearly in your head.
Ogalthorpe - A Seattle-based Location Portrait Photographer:
"In making this I relied on the classic paintings of the Renaissance as a foundation. The pose, the soft window-quality of the light, the form of the subject – all of it is juxtaposed against the porn-infused plasticism of the modern notion of sexual beauty. And the result is unique, lovely, daring, and brave.

So the next time you start to make a photograph, keep your lights in your pants and ask yourself what your subject needs and deserves. Then rise to those needs. Who knows... you just might do something unusual and good."

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