Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Brown in hot water day before Birmingham

Come on Rubes... this is EXACTLY what they think of the common person. I know too many 'for the little guys" who simply aren't. In no way are they interested in common people, the salt of the earth people. They make fun of them and deride them behind closed doors. Been there. Done that. Sorry to say.

Now they want us all to think they are for us while in fact they are only FOR power.

In America they refer to it as 'fly over country."

But... well, Gordon will soon find that many 'flyovercommoners' have complete control of their senses come election day.

See ya, gordo... heh.
Ben Clatworthy's Blog » Brown in hot water day before Birmingham

"The incident occurred as Gordon got into his car forgetting to take off his Sky News lapel microphone. As his car drove off his words were recorded live."

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