Sunday, May 30, 2010

Defamation by stupidity -

In my dealings with the press, I have been singularly unimpressed by their desire to do more than the bare minimum. This guy is reporting on financial news?

Just remember how lame and pathetic Indiviglio's work ethic is when reading ANYTHING written by him. Even I knew that there was a Kenneth Starr who was in investments. And I have nothing to do with financial stuff. I just, you know, read.
Defamation by stupidity -

"On his best days, Atlantic blogger Daniel Indiviglio is a lousy financial news reporter and commentator."
Read the article... it is a hoot.

Well, that is certainly a very gentle and restrained observation. Actually the guy is a total moron, incapable of any real analysis. Where do they find these airheads?

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