Saturday, May 01, 2010

I like the way Dripbook has integrated their flash galleries into mobile devices

Everyone's talking about mobile, and especially in the wake of Apple essentially saying they'll never support Flash on iPhones and iPads, everyone's asking how Flash websites will translate to mobile devices.

We've been working for a while on mobile display options for websites exported from Dripbook. We're proud to say that we've got it all working - vistiors on iPhones, iPads, or Android mobile devices who view websites exported from Dripbook will now be snapped automatically to a view custom made for each mobile device.

While I remain in the not that interested in Flash camp, credit is due the DripBook folks. Instead of some lame display of inline images, their DB sites convert very nicely to a branded experience for the Mobile users.

Overall very impressed by the DripBook tools. I am considering adding one, not totally dependent on the flash gallery, but it may be a great tool for embedding across platforms... and would do very well in our WordPress designs as an alternate method of delivering the portfolios.

A Professional Presentation is so very important, and I like the way DripBook allows only the exporting of a gallery to existing sites. Seems that you could conceivably get the best of both worlds... and that ain't bad at all.

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