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Is there really a controversy over "No Plastic Sleeves"?


Robert Wright wrote recently:

Went for a couple portfolio meetings yesterday and one editor was surprised by the physical porfolio-she was seeing a lot of laptops. Really? Talk about No Plastic Sleeves! Speaking of, yes those are acetate sleeves, the International House of Portfolios kind (iHOP). I’ve read a lot kvetching over there about the practice-but Really? You want to change the order of your book or one image and you can end up reprinting most of the book? And what if you don’t want to print on any of the double side offerings- or on matt paper? I love Harman Gloss. It is what I print on Period. And it ain’t two-sided. You think I’m gonna glue that sh– together? Really? You think acetate is going to lose you work? Really?…I think bringing a laptop in is gonna lose you work. You have no idea what it really looks like. - Robert Wright.

As far as the controversy I am way out of it. Wasn't even aware of any 'no plastic sleeves' movement.

I reviewed the book and found it be very enjoyable, quite recommend it. As an idea builder. As a brain teaser. As a window of opportunity. As something that one can read and assimilate what needs to be assimilated and take what needs to be taken. I loved the book. Still do. I wholeheartedly recommend it.

I didn't think it was going to be a movement. (Actually, in all fairness, I can't find too much on this contreversy, so it may be more of a 'coffee bar' sort of thing.)

A post on a forum referred to Wright's statement and alluded to the controversy.

I wrote this in response...

Oh my... what in the world gets into people.

To go down some sort of rabbit hole of ignorance used to be considered sad, now people wear it as some sort of badge.

"LOOK AT ME - I BELONG" to whatever stupid belief system they have hatched themselves into. "I'M LOCKED INTO ONE WAY" is not a badge of anything but a small, and usually dis-engaged person. Maybe the badge should read "I AM INCAPABLE OF THINKING/DOING ANYTHING OUT OF THE BOX, SO THE BOX IS MY FRIEND. THE BOX IS MY FRIEND. THE BOX IS MY FRIEND.

People have to make themselves feel a part of something, I guess.
"I only use film."
"I only shoot medium format."
"Canon Rules."
"My Flash is Off Camera".
"Natural Light is the Only Light."
"The absolute best f-stop on any lens made is f8 when used in conjunction with shutter speeds of not less than 1/30 and not above 1/250 except on alternating Tuesdays depending on wind speed, ambient temperature of no more than 86 degrees and facing true (not magnetic) north."

The need to 'latch on to' simple ideas as some sort of movement, and the people who start such things begin to see themselves as the 'leaders' to the truth of whatever they are leading. Complex, yet utterly dismal in it's connotations to art.

My portfolio is still in acetates... and will be for the foreseeable future. And I may make little 'NPS' things as I go along. Blurb Books, mini-books, designereedoodadsofmulticolors... one way will not diminish the other. And reading about other ways of doing things will not diminish the directions one wishes to go. It may give one new ideas to think about, new paths to try... and all that is a good thing.

Now I am off to find some 'NPS' arguments going on so I can spend a few moments pondering the ever increasing challenges people pose for themselves to become even more limited in their beliefs and actions. With great freedom comes great constipation?

I remain open to the hypothesis that there is no limit. Just as sports records fall, ignorance, divisiveness and the need to belong to something - anything - anyfuknthing will drive people to new heights of stupid. Really sad. Sadder is that usually those that follow such limited belief systems end up doing nothing worthwhile, as the very definition of themselves is to follow, not lead, not breakaway with their own thoughts or systems. How much potential wasted taking the easy way of the path made by others as far as it goes.

Balkanization is not a good thing... but, good lord how we strive for it.

The book remains excellent. Buy it and read it and learn about some damned cool ways to promote yourself and your work. And implement what you think will work for you.

But leave the banners and posters and political action buttons at home. Those who look upon any one thing and proclaim it to be the 'one true way', please step aside so the people who have a clue can get by and get on with the work that remains.

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