Thursday, May 27, 2010

Let's Arrest Mom and Dad to show kids what we REALLY think of the family

I am sure that arresting their parents will be seen as a nurturing and loving administration. LOOK, FKN NAZIS ARE IN CHARGE. This is as close to friggin insane as I can think of.

This asswipe stain thinks that keeping kids in school is more important than families. Go ahead and attack me for the Nazi thing, but this is EXACTLY the FASCIST Playbook. EXACTLY. If you are not familiar with Fascist tactics, read up. THIS IS IT.

Get Tar. Get Feathers.

Better grow a pair, America. Or they will be cut off and destroyed by this kind of numbnut POS.
Corning truancy arrest mimicks Orland case | corning, trua - Local News - Willows Journal

"The real issue, Cohen said, is educating children.

“Keeping kids out of school limits their chances to grow and prosper,” Cohen said. “Purposely denying a child a good education is disgraceful.”

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