Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Money Quote: " where that I took this nor does it say that you cant take pictures off line..." Announcing one is stupid is so in style these days.

I asked this person to remove the image she had taken from my website and used as her FB profile picture.

I received:

"I know this isnt mine. This is a decoy page for my ex husband so he will not find my real one with my real info on it. I didnt say I took this pic. It says my favorite. Theres no crime in saying that you have a favorite picture. I said no where that I took this nor does it say that you cant take pictures off line to let people see what you like. Thanks! "

How do you argue with that? Ignorance a country mile wide, and a pity story.

Screw it...

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Steve Gray said...

I wonder, if she got a nice letter from an attorney, suggesting how easy it would be to give this revelation to her husband, how quickly she would comply with a take down request.

Lili said...

Would this woman have come up to your table in a restaurant and walked off with your wine because it happened to be her favorite?

I'm so tired of people who don't grasp that lifting work from a website is like walking off with another person's bottle of wine.

It's stealing.

If she didn't attribute the work to you, then she's a thief, plain and simple, and I would have called her one while sending her a copy of the current copyright laws. She must attribute the work to you, preferably with a link to you and your contact information.