Monday, May 03, 2010

What's Up with Wizwow! The crazy days of summer are nearly on us...

Getting to be a very busy time for me.

Working on two book ideas, while maintaining the photography and design businesses.

April is like that... just keeps ramping and ramping to May. And May is busy busy.

I am in the middle of two websites, one of which needs to be finished this week. My friend Charles has been waiting for his and I am delivering it this Wednesday.

Planning for the trips has been tiring, but we got 'er done.
(got one snag... how to get from La Guardia to Jersey, but I am working on that as we write here.

I am off to Cleveland/Akron this Friday. Small, but very enthusiastic group.
Then I am back in town for 4 days before taking a small road-trip on the Eastern Seaboard.

New York Friday 14th. Two meetings. Shoot around Manhattan for fun.
Then to the Jersey hotel. Dang them NY Hotels are expensive.
At the NJ hotel we have a view of Manhattan at Phoenix prices... not bad.

Saturday/Sunday is workshop in a very cool studio in Manhattan. In the FlatIron building and in the Photo District. Very excited about that.
The group for NY is a good one - and some have been waiting for quite a while for this workshop.

Monday I am shooting and have a lunch meeting with a famous photographer. More on that when it happens.
Tuesday is shoot in NY day. Models and MUA for a few shots.

Wednesday we are shooting in Jersey with Manhattan backdrop. (Weather may spoil, but too far out to worry now)

Thursday in Baltimore. Hope to be shooting some video with my friend Bill Millios.
BTS stuff, and some cool little vids for the LE site.

Saturday/Sunday is Baltimore workshop and flying home Monday.

Where I will spend the total afternoon with my kid riding bikes and playing with the dogs.

While on the road, I should finish the workbook editing and get that posted for the students.
I promise to keep everyone up to date on the LE blog with pictures and info as they come in.

Road trips are a blast. I am joined on this RT by Charles Howard, a Houston Photographer.
His iPhone work is amazing and we may be doing a lot of that.

Just keepin' you up to date on my upcoming weeks.

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