Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Why GoingProNOW will be different than a lot of other seminars for photographers. We focus on commercial.

We are aware of other programs focused on GoingPro. There are many, many workshops out there. Some focused on weddings, some on marketing, and some on lighting, and some on starting a portrait business.

We are a bit different than that in our focus. We are totally involved with the commercial, corporate and editorial photographer. We are not the best experts for direct to consumer photography, but we have built our careers on commercial photography.

From corporate communications to advertising, PR to editorial, there are many paths to take in the course of commercial photography. And getting started in this fast-paced, incredibly exciting career has a ton of challenges to be met, and roadblocks to be negotiated. It takes a strong foundation, a strong constitution, and a clear, concise plan.

Our focus is always on getting that plan together. We make it easy to understand and have the photographer create a solid blueprint to follow that works for them. Not every photographer has the same assets, or career aspirations. Not every photographer lives in a large market, or one where the 'natural progression' of assistant to shooter is available.

But a tailored, focused plan can be created from what works across all markets.

That's our plan - to get your plan focused, framed and implemented.

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