Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Yeah... I support cops mostly... but this shit's gotta stop

This is a symptom of total power corrupting those who are incapable of wielding said power. Is this really what we want happening? Shooting the family pets in front of a child? And then saying that the homeowner endangered the child - after spraying the fuking house with cop bullets?

This kind of stupid PR is totally driving me away from the 'war on drugs." It seems like it is turning into a "war of thugs" - and that sucks.

How many dollars did it take to arrest this guy for a tiny amount of Marijuana? Maybe the over-reaction was a cry for help from impotent cops who can't seem to find anyone big, just guys with kids and families to terrorize.

Awaiting comments from PETA.
Awaiting comments from ACLU.
Awaiting comments from Animal Rights Activists.

Still waiting.



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