Thursday, June 17, 2010

Are All Photographers the Same? : Ajaton Joki

The easy answer is that an experienced photographer – one who has spent years studying the craft, honing skills, and perfecting style, is going to give you a much better image than the beginner who is simply clicking a shutter button.  If clicking the shutter is the only parameter of a professional photographer, I’d like to offer the services of my 7 year old – she takes great pictures (everyone says so!) and I’m happy to hire her out for $200 for a disk of images.  She’ll be happy too – she’d love a new Lego Star Wars set.  But why pay $200 for my 7 year old (or a beginner photographer) when you can just have the grandparents click the button instead – and for free?  I could make this post longer by summing out costs of being a photographer:  VAT/taxes, insurance, business development costs, time, the desire to not work for free for other people …….  but really, I would think that most would recognize there are obvious costs behind owning any business.  Would you really feel you were saving money if you hired a lawyer or Doctor who had no formal training or education (but who felt they would be good at heart surgery or winning lawsuits because they saw someone do it on TV?)

Interesting take on photographers and clients.

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