Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Selina Maitreya: Its All Personal!

Back then if a photographer wanted to show their “vision”, they showed images that were called “personal.” Usually they were sunsets, nature, travel, or fashion. Something different from their every day assignments.

NOW it’s all about the vision and clients expect your entire portfolio to be an example of how you creatively see.  So your body of work in essence is not just commercial but personal!

It is both a wonderful and a terrifying proposition. That one must create compelling work, not necessarily just 'good' work. The 'good' isn't good enough these days... and will never again be considered so.

These days - these markets - with all the legions of 'good' photographers out there, one must step out and make a vision statement. Be known for HOW you shoot whatever you shoot, not just WHAT you shoot.

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