Friday, August 13, 2010

$2.2 Million or a Lawsuit

I have a few questions.

1. What is the present state of the dickheadmuthafukin prosecutor and his jackasswad team of FAILURES?
2. The judge that sentenced him to jail? What is that fat fuka doing now? Livin large on the public dole?
3. Are there any cops who helped perpetrate this travesty still on the job? How about we see how many more INNOCENT people they railroaded into prison.

Remember lawschool you friggin cretins? Remember Justice?

Yeah... weird old word that gets in the way of merrily committing legal fraud and criminal neglect.

Better 100 guilty go free than lock up one innocent man.

And one last thing. The prosecutor, judge and cops who fucked up so badly on this... how do they feel about the victims that came later... after they fucked up and incarcerated the wrong guy? Are they cool with that? Just 'doing our jobs' and damn the reality?

And then to have the request languish for 3 years... THREE YEARS... while they did - what? I thought that justice was the name of the game. Speedy trial and all that?


He ought to take the $2million and then sue everyone BUT the state. And then the legislature needs to go back to work to prevent the criminal 'ruling class lawyers' from ever blackmailing someone into not pointing out how FUCKING INCOMPETENT they are.

Whose head will roll for robbing this man of 27 years of his life? Will anyone even lose a nights sleep over it? Don't kid yourself... they couldn't fucking care less.

Me... if it happened to me?

Well, let's just say it would have a very different, very bad ending if they had done this to me.

Ex-Inmate’s Dilemma - $2.2 Million or a Lawsuit -

"He wrote the motion himself on a typewriter in his cell and sent it to the trial judge in July 2005. The judge assigned a public defender to handle the request, but the motion languished for three years in a backlog of requests before the Harris County district attorney’s office.

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