Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Difficult to even fathom how strange this is. LameStreemMedeeyuh Fame

The EFF attorneys filed their counterclaim in that case Monday, raising defenses previously raised by some other defendants including fair use; unclean hands and barratry (the alleged excessive incitement of litigation); and champerty (an allegedly improper relationship between one funding and one pursuing a lawsuit).

The EFF also raised new allegations against Righthaven, accusing it of causing "fraud upon the Copyright Office."

"This case is a particularly abusive instance of a broad and aggressive strategy by Stephens Media, working in conjunction with its 'little friend' Righthaven as its front and sham representative, to seek windfall recoveries of statutory damages and to exact nuisance settlements by challenging a fair use of an excerpt of an article that Stephens Media makes freely available on the Internet, and which it encourages its users to 'Share & Save' at least 19 different ways," the EFF attorneys wrote in their counterclaim.

This is what we have now... newspapers wondering why they can't get readers and the readers being sued for providing more readers. Just keep that in mind when you go reading supposed 'news' in newspapers in towns where gambling are allowed and are in the desert near big lakes and stuff.

Actually, if you are still reading newspapers, I got nothin' for ya. You probably ain't readin' this blog. Still getting ink on your fingers and readin' about stuff that happened a day or two ago.

Talk about relevence... bwahahahahahaha

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