Tuesday, September 21, 2010

“eventually, you need to start being you. and then– you need to get really good at it.” | gapingvoid

It’s been almost 15 years since Tom Peters wrote “The Brand Called You” for Fast Company and in that time the idea of “Personal Branding” has gone from the height of douchebaggery to an inevitable consideration for anyone in the mediation generation.

Once you begin to extend yourself via media, you become aware that by broadcasting your life through media fragments, you are creating an idea of who you are that is distinct from, but inextricably linked to, who you are.

And that brand is a highly defensible asset.

Not in the sense of making you a social media superhero [everyone is famous online, but some are more famous than others] but because no one else can ever use it.

If you are hired simply to do a job, whatever it is, your job is never entirely safe.

This can be some of the most important stuff to think about when you are creating your photo business. YOU are what it is all about, not your gear or your computer or your logo.

Finding out about and defining YOU is a fun thing to do anyway. Then become the Brand called YOU and get really good at it. Really Good.

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