Saturday, October 02, 2010

Seek Scarcity (Seth)

If you're creating a business, figure out what contribution you make and what you offer that your competitors can't. If 1,000 people can provide typing services the way you do, don't expect to get paid a premium.

I have had photographers tell me they cannot get a gig. "My work is just as good as the other guy" they tell me.

And I don't really know what to say. If it is just as good as the other guy, why would they change and work with you? If your service is simply the same as the portrait studio down the block, you will have no real unique reason for someone to come to your studio.

And when that happens, the 'art' of photography gives way to the 'commerce' of photography and the commoditization begins.

The photographer will fall back on the marketing ideas she has known all her life. Price, location, specials, discounts, premiums...

All fine.

But what she needs is to do something photographically to make her work stand out. Be different. Be unique. Be expensive. Be amazing.

And give away mousepads... that always works.

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