Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Seth's Blog: Deliberately uninformed, relentlessly so: (Sad, but terribly true Rant on the Choice of 'Stupid'

As for the deliberately uninformed, we can ignore them or we can reach out to them and hopefully start a pattern of people thinking for themselves...

Well, the "we don't need no education" society is mainstream now. Instead of being informed we watch Jon Stewart... or worse.

As far as reaching out... I don't know Seth. There are literally thousands of ways these people are enticed to become smarter. Oprah has a book club. There are libraries and bookstores everywhere.

Point this out to many and you may have to duck a swing. As the post states... they are DELIBERATELY uninformed. It is a CHOICE they make.

Television has turned stupid into a 'cool' factor. Politicians have banked on keeping their constituents poor and dependent, and the pop culture relegates education to the depths of hell. The heroes are the illiterate, misogynistic misfits that preach violence and deliver little of any meaning into the lives of their legion fans.

Shakespeare is tossed aside in deference to comic books. Music that has thought passed by for thumping chumps who scream infantile rhymes.

No, Seth... we cannot reach out to them. Far too many are beyond reach. Their choices were made and cemented by a culture that seeks to limit personal responsibility while finding 'blame' at every encounter.

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