Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Unexpectedly! Unexpectedly? It's Always "Unexpectedly"

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Private employers unexpectedly cut 39,000 jobs in September after an upwardly revised gain of 10,000 in August, a report by a payrolls processor showed on Wednesday.

The August figure was originally reported as a loss of 10,000.

What is it with these idiots? I cannot be unexpected if it happens month after month after month. Google it - for each of the last 14 months, every report of downward motion is "unexpected" - and I don't give a shit whether you are a D or an R. This is simple incompetence. Anyone in any job anywhere would have to do better than these pinhead 'experts'.

Yeah... remember, the people who fucked up and the people who are trying to fix it and these numbskulls all went to the same Ivy League Skools.

It is beyond a joke.

People are hurting out here and NOTHING is being done.

That is the only thing that is NOT unexpected.

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