Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Yes, I admit it... I am a Gear Snob.

This VAL - The "Stephanie" model has a default height of 5'11", takes direction well and doesn't require much food... or covering while shooting on cold beaches. A great VAL has to be able to hold the light very still, take small corrections easily, aim the light where I need it, cook Chicken Parmesan, laugh delightfully and look good in the small items of stand protectors we use when on location - in this case the two piece "Tiny Black Perfection" line of VAL protectors.

This model comes equipped with an additional 6" of foot extension devices (heels) that would have looked great but they kept getting stuck in the sand.

Sadly, this VAL didn't open my Coronas fast enough and was slow to open my door on the limo. I had to dump her.

The subject is Kieth Taylor, Atlanta Editorial Photographer.

Word has it he is still recovering nicely.

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