Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Enough Negativity: Ten Things to Positively Affect Your Photography and get you motivated to do Project52 with us

And this should be #11, but it is a reminder that you will probably not spend a hundred bucks on anything more valuable than Selina Maitreya’s 12 hour long audio series, “The View From Here” on success and vision and style. She has examples, road maps and more in this baby, and it could be worth 10 times what she is charging.. and you get half off her price of $200 by purchasing it through Lighting Essentials. Just enter FOSLE in the checkout and you will save $100. I don’t do a lot of ‘selling’ on this site, but I so very much believe in this information that I really do think you should get it.

Project52 will even have its own website shortly. Busy populating it now.

BTW, I really do believe that Selina's audios will make an improvement in your photography and business. I have them on their own little iPod mini. Listen over and over to get it to sink in. And at LE, they are only $99... save a hundred bucks when you order from the LE site. Sweet!

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